Free Range Pork, cured in small batches for 5 days. This deeply flavoured bacon harks back to 'bacon your gran would love'.


This 2016 & 2017 Great Taste Award winning bacon has a greater meat to fat ratio which makes it our most popular product.


Available either naturally smoked using apple wood or unsmoked.


This amazing bacon has flavourful fat running throughout the meat which mean not oil is required for cooking.  Unlike common green bacon there is not leakage fo white gunk and minimal shrinkage on cooking.  This bacon can be a great  substitute for pancetta and makes incredible lardons for flavouring other dishes.


200g pack


Standard shelf life = 30 days


INGREDIENTS :-Pork, Salt, Sugar, Herbs & Spices, Curing Salt & Knowhow.


Multi Award Winning Streaky Bacon

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