Every now and then, from time to time we have to admit, our friends the other side of the channel get something right......

It doesn't mean we won't try to improve on it!!

Cider Marinated Confit Pork Belly

We love confit, its a perfect way of cooking and preserving tasty morsels.  Slow cooking meats in their own fats leads to tender moist  deliciousness.  In the past, although delicious we found the classic french confit can be VERY neutral which although we understand can be disappointing.  At Man Made Foods we look to add taste at every opportunity, this is why we use a rich rub and an English Cider marinade to compliment the pork and cut through the fattiness of this incredible cut of meat.

Man Made Foods, Cider Marinated Confit Pork Belly has a pre-cooked weight of 454g (1lb) which should be adiquate for two medium finished portions.

To prepare, warm the package to melt the oils inside.  Pour this away (reserving to make the best roast potatoes).

The meat may be warmed in the oven or dry fried until it is piping hot thoughout.

Serving Suggestions:

Try, Crispy Roasties and vegetables, Dijon Mustard Sauces or  even  cornichons or capers in  awesome warm sandwiches or salads!!


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