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Although we're the 'best little artisan producer you've never heard of' we have been knocking about for a while.  Heres what we've been up to......

About 'The Man' of Man Made Foods

I eat too much, I used to drink too much, I swear far too much and I'm grumpy.  Unfortunately these are my GOOD traits.  My name is Anthony Bowen and I am 'The Man' of Man Made Foods.

When I started the business back in 2012 the first port of call for any foodie entrepreneur was our local Farmers Market for ideas about the kind of products I wanted to produce.  At the time the food trend was for ridiculously ornate, technicolour and sculpted cup cakes.


Man Made Foods was my response, yes you do eat with your eyes but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I've always had a taste first philosophy with my products meaning that if it tastes good, how it looks are secondary  (thankfully my wife believes looks are secondary too). 


Along with this philosophy came the notion that in great products there was no need for the fluff and window dressing when simplicity is normally the best and most flavoursome solution.  Now, I work by the mantra 'Simple things Done Well'.



Anthony Bowen

The Man, I make, bake and sell at market coming up with amazing new ideas!!!

No filter needed (ever). Hot date 

Kirsty Bowen

The Woman, keeps The Man on the straight and narrow.  Deals with much of the admin and actual 'Work'.


The Others

Drains on resources, time and money but the reason we do what we do!!

Meet the Team

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